Africa is an experience.

Africa is an experience in waiting.

Africa is an experience in walking slowly.

Africa is an experience in non-punctuality.

To my western mind-set it could drive you up a wall.  The meeting starts at two o’clock.  At two-thirty the first person shows up.  By three o’clock about half the participants are present.  By three-thirty the meeting starts.  You learn to wait.  You learn patience.  Nothing is going to change it.  Nothing is going to make the people here walk faster, be on time, or be punctual.  Nothing is going to speed up time.

Soon, soon.  I will be there soon our driver said.  Two and a half hours later we are still waiting.  Dinner is soon.  An hour later it shows up.  I will get a CD to you soon the student says.  Three days later we are wondering if he remembered.  Soon.  Soon can mean one hour.  Soon can mean five hours.  Soon can mean three days or next week.

Time in Africa is unique.

Time in Africa is relative.

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